My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Busy Day

Eric spent half of the night needing attention of one kind or another.  This left me very tired with a full day of chores and holiday planning.  

I finally got to the grocery store today. Between coupons and rebates I did fairly well and saved close to 50%. Then after I got most of the groceries put away, I drove down to World Cate and dropped off Eric's old wheelchair. If you happen to have a wheelchair laying around the house not being used World Care is in need of about 35 to 40 wheelchairs to for people on their wait list. 

 I finished making most of my holiday presents today. Now I just have to tie them up in pairs with ribbion from the never ending roll of ribbion that I bought in the 1990's when the kids were small.  And wrap the rest of the holiday gifts. It looks like it's going to be a very very busy week this week..

My hope is that Eric sleeps tonight.  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Finishing Things

Today was spent cleaning and finishing projects. The gifts are almost done. I finished 2 more hats for charity, I will try to get a dozen done by this weekend.  A friends  son is working at a charity collection center this weekend. This will give him something to put on the bus.  I just have to find out when, because I know where it is.  

I am hoping for a good week for Eric and getting everything done on time. I hope everyone has a great week. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Cleaning Moves On

Today the cleaning moved to the garage. John and I started by deciding which boxes needed to be thrown out. The recycling bin is almost full. Eric's old wheelchair will be leaving the garage to go to the loan chest for medical equipment next week. My plan is 5 minutes a day until the garage is done or it gets too warm to work in there. 

Eric is feeling much better today.  We might even be able to find a Toys for Tots drop off site tomorrow. I will also try to finish the holiday gifts and the cleaning that did not get done this week. I also need to wrap gifts this week and clean the Menorah. 

I am really hoping that Eric sleeps tonight and past 5:30am. I think it is time to call it a night. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Very Busy

It has been very busy around here lately. Between Eric getting sick a lot and me playing catchup. I am only a little behind in the things I want to do.  I am getting all the have too's done.  I have even tried tried to talk Eric into making a little less laundry, he just laughed at me. 

Next week I hope to get all of my holiday gifts finished. I also want to finish wrapping my loom, it's currently half way done. 

 My sewing machine is also fixed, I find it very sad that the factory authorized dealer loosened 1 screw in order to try to up sale me on a more expensive machine. I will never go back there again.  Thank goodness for Kathy's on Speedway who got it fixed today.  If you are in Tucson and need your sewing machine or vacuum cleaner serviced I would recommend Kathy's. 

Well it is getting very late and I want to call it an early night. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

I am Superwoman

Eric is sick again.  I wonder if there is a coralation between my taking Thursdays off to run errands and spend time with friends knitting and spinning.  

I was able to keep up with the 2 eyrpy loads of laundry last night. Today I managed to get 4 loads done and half are already folded and put away.  

I am getting a little tired of Eric getting sick every week after a few months when he was hardly sick at all. For a few months he made it to his program almost every day.  I felt like I was getting my life back.  After being up with Eric most of last night I took time when he was resting comfortably to do a little cleaning and organizing.  It kept me more in tune with everything and gave me something to do other than sit, knit, watch Eric and PBS kids.  

Eric is asleep now so I am going to try to get some sleep. The to do list will be long tomorrow.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Got the *+%#*% Cold

The cold the guys have been sharing caught up with me today. All I can say is that is a bad one.  It totally zapped me today.  Almost nothing got done.  I  hoping for a shorter course than the guys had. I would love to feel better by tomorrow. 

Since I was too tired to warp the loom, spin or follow a pattern, So I am back to knitting hats today.  For me they are quick mindless knitting.  

Bits and Pieces

We had a great Thanksgiving visit with Teri and Tej, they are both safely back at home. We are so incredibly lucky to have them in our lives. Eric is feeling better and is back at his day program after 5 days off. I am playing catch up and should have everything back to pre-holiday madness in a week or so. The laundry room was higher than knee high yesterday.

 My body hit the proverbial brick wall after going full speed ahead for more then 3 weeks running. I really hate when I get so tired that I can not move and just have to fall asleep on the spot. Thankfully John was able to pick up Eric today and make a wonderful dinner. I really need this flare up to go away so I can sleep at the normal time. I really can not say it is a positive getting the cleaning and laundry done in the middle of the night when I need to sleep.

We had a second scorpion in the house today. Thankfully it was a baby one that John scooped up with tissue and disposed of it. All without smashing it on the bedspread, saving me another load of laundry. Yeah John. I would have smashed first and scooped second. I guess it is time to get the foundation sealed and the house painted.