My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Last Room

Today I started the deep cleaning of the last room that has not been zenned. I am hoping that it will only take about a week.  Although I have my doubts, I put in 4 hours of solid cleaning and only made a small dent.  Tomorrow I hope to sort the tea cups, Teri's and mine got blended together in her jounior year of high school.  At least most of mine are in a different style.  My tea cups will go on display and Teri's will be repacked so she can take them when she is ready for them.  I probably should not have recycled last weeks newspaper.  

I did not realize just how much hand spun yarn I had in Teri's dresser and in her bookcases.  That was all moved today.  I will have to do more knitting and weaving to start using it up.  2016 will be my year of creating as much as possible. I am off to a good start in knitting more projects. I would like to finish Teri's room and start on the zenning of the garage before it hits the 100's. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Progress

Today I made a lot of progress on the new shawl design.  I am just about 880 yards in to a a 1320 yard design.  All I can say is that the Dream in Color Yarn, Jilly with Cashmere is really dreamy. It is soft and cushy.  I would like to say that I bought the yarn and am creating the original design on my own. It is not a commissioned design.  I will publish it as soon as I have it test knit.  Yes with this yarn I flunked my yarn diet. It's time to go knit some more. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Is Today Over Yet?

It's been one of  those days around here.  I could not figure out if the new lunch spot we tried yesterday is to blame or I have a he crud du jour that is going around Eric's day program.  It really does  not matter.  I spent most of the day sleeping.  I am still tired.  

Eric is not feeling good either. He is on he eyrpy side tonight.  Sitting with Eric sometimes has its own harzards.  Tonight diaper mountain fell on me or rather a dozen packages of diapers.  It did not help my lack of Caffine fueled headache.  Tomorrow diaper mountain will be restacked.  

Meanwhile I set aside working on the new pattern while I am sitting with Eric.  Instead I am trying to finish the second half of a charity knitting poncho.  There is nothing like doing mindless garter stitch when I am sitting with Eric.  Something that I can stop in mid row and not lose my place in the pattern.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eric's Closet Part 2

All it took was 30 minutes. Nothing will fall on me for a while. Now after physical therapy I can spend the day doing a rare laundry day. I will also work on the new shawl.  Thanks to the good folks  at LG.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Leaning Closet of Eric

Sometimes Eric's closet gets out of hand. After all it is easier to just dump everything on top no matter how many things are already out of place.  I don't claim to have Martha Stewart tendencies, but when I pull something out of Eric's closet and I get hit with a pile of linens something has to happen. So tomorrow I will pull everything out and reorganize it.  Nothing will be tied with ribbions or folded perfectlly. That is not the point. The point is not to have things fall on me and to be able to find things in a hurry.  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Knitting and More

Eric is still sick and tommrow is up in the air.  He is currently running a fever. I am hoping that Eric's fever breaks tonight and that he feels better tomorrow. I on the other hand feel much better.  My back is finally starting  to feel better after the December accident. I guess everything gets better In its own time.

On the knitting front my new design is coming out much better than I hoped.  It has a lot of body and swish. I am really loving the Dream in Color Marino Cashmere blend. I also got 8 more inches knit today. This might just be the pattern that will be given at the March Old Pueblo Knitters luncheon and fashion show. I will include a link when the web site is updated.  My plan is to add the second skein of yarn tomorrow. Don't worry this pattern will be suitable for a beginning knitting project.  

The Plague Du Jour

It has been a crazy few days around here. Just when I thought I had enough energy to get the creative juices flowing. The plague du jour has been going around the house. After being up all night with Eric on Tuesday I spent most of Wednesday sleeping and achy.

The new washer is great, I have only done 3 loads of laundry since Tuesday night. With the old washer that would have been closer to 10. So yes I am still in love with my new washing machine.

I think it is time for another nap.