My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 8

My hands are doing better. I have limited use of my hands. I can do most of my household chores that do not require hand strength. That gives me a lot of time to get rid of small stuff. I have made great progress in the craft room. I can knit a few rows before my hands get tired so I am not pushing it.

I have been doing a lot of weaving on the rigid heddle loom. I am also doing a lot of experimenting. Today I discovered that if a yarn is to springy it does not make a good warp. Yes I will finish the scarf, but use some of the yarn in the scarf. I also discovered that if I am using a lot of different weight yarns in different colors I need more shuttles. I am also glad that I have a comb as the heddle does not do well on curves. So here is a picture in progress. Sorry for the sideways picture.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 4

Eric had a very bad night last night followed by a change in the barometric pressure.  That was a very bad combo for my head.  It tends to make a very long day when aspirin and caffeine are required at 5:00 am. 

I still can not knit or spin.  But my hands are doing better.  I managed to get the loom warped today  I can weave without any pain. Buttons are still a challenge which made doing laundry interesting.

I also managed some light cleaning without my hand braces.  I managed to go 3 hours without the hand braces today.  So I hope that this is a good sign.  

It's going to be a very busy weekend so it is time to call it a night. 

Day 3

My hands are feeling better, but I still can not do a whole lot with them. I find it really  hard to watch TV at night and not having my hands in constant motion. I am hoping every day that I will be able to knit and spin soon. Although I think I will be able to use the loom first. It is much easier on the hands.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 2

Today is day 2 of no knitting and both hands in splints. This is the result of the flare up.  The positive of this is that my hands are doing better. I can actually feel them tonight. I also got caught up on errands. Cleaned and organized 2 shelves of the computer desk, which resulted in a full basket of recycling. Organized some Old Pueblo Knitting Guild paperwork. I also walked over 10,000 steps today. This does not mean that I am not yearning to get my hands back on the knitting needles, but I know that I have to wait until my hands feel better. This is the really hard part. I like instant gratification.

Tomorrow the 10 bags of yarn and knitting needles that were donated to the Guild will leave the house. Hopefully not much will come back. Afterwards I also get to teach someone how to use a drop spindle over at Grandma's Spinning Wheel on Tanque Verde. I am so excited.

It is time to call it a night. I have another busy day tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Good Day

Today was a better day.  I have almost finished another scarf on the loom.   A little cleaning got done and Eric is feeling better.  I think I will give knitting a break for a couple of days.  So I guess I will tag hats tomorrow.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Blender

Today was one of those completely awful days, by 6:08am my day had already hit the blender.  Eric's morning aide was a no show,  luckily John did not have to work today. Between the 2 of us we managed to get Eric out the door at a reasonable time.

On the way to program the tire pressure light went on on the van's dashboard. So as I was getting Eric out of the van I checked the tires. Thank goodness none were flat, they just looked a little low. Eric was also very disappointed that his one on one advocate was out sick today. So as soon as I found out who had Eric, I gave my usual how he slept and what was needed for today.

Then it was off to get gas for the van at Quick Stop, I got a quart size cup of unsweetened iced tea because I thought that seemed like a good plan at the time. Then it was off to Jack Furrier's Tires to get the tires checked out. Thank goodness I brought my knitting, I got 4 inches knit on a hat, while I was waiting and also borrowed a plug to charge my phone which was almost out of battery.  The good news is that there was nothing majorly wrong with the tires. They were just 4 pounds of pressure low. So I would like everyone who is reading this blog post to get their tire pressure checked out this week as the weather changes. Thanks in advance.

Since I was so close to Trader Joe's, I picked up some things for dinner. I put the groceries away. Then I finished my 2 loads of laundry for the day, I really had more but decided to go on strike. I thought the same with house work too.

I also have to start looking into a lift system to get Eric in and out of bed. Right now we are grandfathered in with the agency, but I don't know how long that will last. Eric is quite a few pounds more than the 50 pounds or so that is now acceptable for lifts. So I am going to look into something called helping hands.

After leftovers for lunch, I decided it was time to do a little weaving to zen out. That did not last long. I got a call that Eric had thrown up at program. So I stopped weaving. Asked John for a mommy time out, by this time I really needed one, he just laughed. So I went to pick up my sick boy. Yes he will be home tomorrow too.

I went to Target to get a few things that we needed, I used my paper coupons but forgot to use the cartwheel app at the register, I lost about $1.00 in savings. Oh well there is always next time.

While dinner was cooking I went back to weaving. I had to refill my shuttle, so I did not get the scarf done today. I am hoping that the tension headache that turned into a migraine goes away soon, I know its going to be a long day tomorrow with Eric home, but it will be a better day.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tucson Meet Yourself

I went to Tucson Meet Yourself today with the guys. I had a good time. I am not sure that I like prickly pear salad though.  I think I will try to take Teri next time, she is much more fun at these events.  

Aside from that I got another hat finished and another hat started. I also managed to get 6 more hats tagged.