My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, November 24, 2014

6 Dozen

The 6 dozen plus one or 73 hats (2,969 rows) were delivered to the Flowing Wells School District today.  I also threw in 5 scarfs (928) too.  So here is what a pile of 73 hats looks like, the scarfs look even less impressive. For a total of 3,897 towards the one million row challenge on Raverly. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Knitting Roulette

After knitting six dozen +2 hats over the last couple months I've decided it's time for a change of pace. I'll bring all the hats in Monday but before I could bring that many I will take a picture so you can see what six dozen hats looks like.

Meanwhile I've decided to play knitting the roulette I took down a box of kits that I got when I was a new knitter. I will now go through them and knit up each kit until I can complete the box. The first project I took out the box this evening is half done, the project was a little intimidating and now I can say it's pretty pretty easy. I will show you a picture of them probably in tomorrow night's blog when I'm finished with them.

In the meantime here is a picture of the first box that I'm going to be working through. As you can see some never even made it out of their mailing envelopes.

Friday, November 21, 2014


I seriously thought that knitting 6 dozen hats would have used a lot more yarn. I guess I will have to knit more hats.  Pictures and row count to follow. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Just Another Manic Monday

Wait a minute it can't be Monday. Its Wednesday. Let me backtrack a moment. Our dear sweet Eric after being back at his day program for all of one day on Tuesday after 2 weeks of being home sick, spent from 9:30 pm to until 3:30 puking his guts out and needing to be held. I managed to get all the laundry he made last night washed and in the dryer by 3:30 am and then took a short nap until 6:10 am. A good solid nights sleep by any mothers standards.

This morning Eric had decided that his room needed to be cleaned and organized before I finished Teri's room. No sibling rivalry there. So the second bookcase was emptied and polished this morning. I went through everything. The net result is that 2 bags of junk left his room for the trash and 1 bag will be going to Bookman's here in Tucson. This afternoon I spent another 2 hours organizing and putting everything away. There were an awful lot of Elmo's, some for nearly every shelve. There is only one thing left to put away and the top of the bookcase needs to be polished and dusted, I will leave that to my over 6 foot tall volunteer, not that I don't enjoy perching precariously from step stools.

Because I am sick of take out food, I made a pot of chili while I was putting together my lunch. I let it simmer all afternoon on low. I made a pan of cornbread when John called and as soon as it is done we will have dinner. Just so it does not seem that I am perfect and can do everything, I will admit that I left all the things I used today, but the cutting board in the sink for John. Afterall I just can't do it all in one day.

Well, John just got home so it is time to set the table for dinner. I hope I don't go go to sleep face first into the chili.

For those keeping track of step counts, I made it to over 10,000 steps walked 3 days in a row. Lets hear from everyone else.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Eyrpy

It is one of those oh bugger nights. After 2 weeks at home sick, Eric finally made it to his program today.  I got a weeks worth of errands done in a few hours running at full speed.  

I spent the late afternoon dealing with a change in suppliers for Eric. The good news is that everything is 90% done. We just need the paperwork to go through.  

Just as we were getting Eric ready for bed the eyrping started.  I am on the second load of laundry for tonight.  As soon as Eric settles in for the night I will try to get a nap in.  

To end on a positive note, I did hit 10,000+ steps 2 days in a row.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cleaning New Spaces

The cleaning and organizing has hit Eric's room. I am almost done organizing his first bookcase. My plan will be to finish Eric's first bookcase then go on to finish Teri's room and then go back to finish Eric's second bookcase. Yes I got distracted in the cleaning of Teri's room. It's not like I never do that, get distracted when cleaning; "Look a new thing to clean that I walk by everyday and never noticed before" Yes that is me to a T.

I also have two complete sets of bedding to wash, including the quilts. I hope we will have a couple of sunny days for the quilts to dry outside. I will leave the dusting and vacuuming to John. I will also put Eric in charge of the smiles.

I have got to keep my eye on the calendar as I am running out of days. Cleaning is not the only thing. I am only 4 hats away from 6 dozen hand knit hats in a few months. Yes this time I will take pictures of the whole lot, but basically it is 3 grocery bags with 2 dozen hats per bag. I will also give a total row count for the 1 million row challenge on Ravelry. I hope to add about 2 thousand rows to my count.

Eric is feeling better and I am hoping to have him out of the house in a day or two. Exhaustion has just caught up with me. I don't know if I will just step up my cleaning or go out for a cuppa tea and some knitting. Then get back to work. Stay tuned for further updates.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Uninvited Guest

An unwelcome guest stop by to visit Eric this week. Considering that he has had 2 different colds in a 2 week time span we were not at all surprised when a secondary infection popped up at the house. Eric is on his second day of medicine for the secondary. We have been working hard to clear his lungs out. I have been doing percussion until my hands feel like cement. This does not bode well with getting a lot of knitting or spinning done. I am lucky to finish one hat in a day. I am back to wearing fingerless mittens to keep my hands warm at night, it helps alleviate some of the stiffness and pain.  With any luck we will be through with this by the time Teri comes for her visit.

My cleaning has come to what I call fine tuning. For the most part this involves areas of less then one square foot. Shelves are emptied and re stacked. Papers gone through. You would be surprised at the amount of unnecessary paper that is leaving  the house. If I keep going like this it will be hard to believe that an artist lives in this house. The picture below is really my craft room and it is hard to believe that it is even neater than in this picture.

I will keep adding items to my etsy shop as time permits and hope that some of the items actually find new and loving homes. Things will get pretty eclectic for a while.

Well the guys are asleep so it is time to either start cleaning or wind down and get some sleep.